Welcome to Candle Metaverse, an interoperable ecosystem of chains, tokens, platforms and apps with a single focus on decentralizing religion!

Candle Token CNDL is at the epicenter of Candle Metaverse, enableing anyone from anywhere in the world to safely practice his or her religious and spiritual rituals in a safe, .

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Visit an online church, pray and donate CNDL tokens

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The Future of Religion Starts Here

A singular connected metaverse, focused on spirituality and religion

Candle App

Connect with your favorite church and pastor, join online services, volunteer in the community and pray from the privacy of your own home.

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Candle NFT

Create an NFT, complete with an online presence, governance rules and donation mechanism and target worshipers across the world that share your spiritual message.

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Candle Chain

Build AppStore quality, user-friendly dApps to serve the Candle community with unprecedented focus on privacy, safety and security.

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